The automotive supply chain is driven by deadline and costs.

Most manufacturers and tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers all require supply chain solutions that enable inventory management in order to fulfil their commitments.

Our focus on inventory management for our customers enables fast and effective services to the changing needs of this sector.


The drinks market is a very competitive industry and at FSC

Oceans we understand that services developed need to provide an innovative, tailored solution.

The product is often very sensitive to temperature and humidity and requires constant monitoring and management.


The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector is known for high-frequency purchasing, constant change and large volumes.

Having an agile and flexible logistics provider is essential.

At FSC Oceans we offer our customers bespoke added-value solutions and services to create value in your supply chain with the flexibility to support change.

High Tech

The High-Tech sector is constantly developing and evolving and as new products reach us, there are more challenges within the supply chain in order to reduce inventory and real cost.

At FSC Oceans we understand that these supply chain requirements need to be managed effectively and while speed to market is important, we provide a pre planning service that is focused on speed combined with inventory management.


The industrial sector has diverse logistics challenges due to global sourcing including agility, security and strong technical competence.

We understand the design requirement to execute supply chains that enables our customers to have a competitive advantage.

Our cross trade services support effective supply chain redesign to overcome these challenges.

Marine Logistics

Marine Logistics requires management to tight schedules.

At FSC Oceans we offer a customised solution for our customers to ensure all schedules are managed and delivered within the requirements.

We understand the downtime of cost for ships that must stay on the move, which means that our focus is on making sure the supply chain runs efficiently and effectively.

Oil & Gas Logistics

The oil and gas industry has survived an especially tough few years with weak demand and low fuel prices.

It has been difficult to make strategic decisions and plan for the future. Only now is the sector beginning to emerge from the economic downside.

At FSC Oceans we value the loyalty of our customers and in order to support the change in market conditions, we regularly review supply chains with our customers to reduce real costs.

Factory Relocation Logistics

At FSC Oceans we can handle complete factory relocations or one of machines world-wide regardless of the project size.

We have the expertise and capability to handle and oversee the logistics movements to include full turnkey solutions.

We offer onsite support and other services through our approved suppliers from full export packing and machine dismantling. FSC comply with all QHSE standards and regulations.

Renewable Energy Logistics

At FSC Oceans we can offer custom designed solutions for the Renewable Energy Sector from wind farms to solar farms among others.

We understand the increasing market and tight profit margins, so we work closely with you to offer the best tailored logistic solution for the market.

FSC Oceans knows the nature of the energy sector for supply and demand so we are ready to mobilize at a moments notice.

Aerospace & Defence Logistics

At FSC Oceans we understand that the supply chain requirements need to be managed effectively for the unique demands and requirements and while speed to market is important, we provide a pre-planning service for best routings and cost-effective solutions.

FSC Oceans coverage is 24/7/365 and can offer integrated solutions end to end to meet your requirements for Aerospace & Defence logistics.

Mining Project Logistics

At FSC Oceans we understand the importance of the challenges and complexity of providing logistic services to the mining industry. We can offer unique flexible and structure solutions for various mining regions.

FSC Oceans can offer end-end services which will keep costs down and keeping the industry service levels and profits levels.

Retail Logistics

UK retailers are looking to reduce cost and inventory, with the added pressure of demand for in-store product availability and e-commerce increasing.

The FSC Oceans sector has years of experience in the retail sector in customised solutions, working closely with customers to enhance performance and optimise supply chains.

Construction Logistics

At FSC Oceans we can offer a wide level of services from procurement through to full supply chain solutions along with full logistics management support from process of planning from origin to destination.

FSC Oceans understands the needs to protect the environments and everyday life which is why we offer multi modal logistics solutions effectively to the construction industry.

Heavy Lifts

At FSC Oceans we can handle abnormal load transportation and heavy lifting through our expertise and capabilities of approved network of suppliers world-wide.

We can offer tailored solutions for the movement of complex project transportations or single loads.

FSC Oceans can be involved in the planning stages and transportation planning in order to overcome any logistical obstacles on route to make sure its delivered on time and on budget and arrives safely.